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Mini Monitor Vault II Case - Orange


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Manufactured of a high-impact polymer, the Mini Monitor Vault II is the perfect size for travel and storage.



Westone Audio's Mini Monitor Vault II is a case designed specifically for transporting high-end earphones. Each Monitor Vault features a protective foam interior and weather resistant design.

Additional Information

Note: Do not submerge, not designed for diving, etc.

Dimensions: (L) - 3.25" (W) - 2.75" (H) - 1.5"

Review and Rating

Mike Disappointed.

Despite what it says here about 'Manufactured in Colorado' I just purchased one from Amazon and it arrived today (4/15/18) and it clearly says "Made in China" on the box. I purchased this one because it looked sturdy AND because it was made in the USA (or so I was misled).

Also, it's a little too bulky and should have a better place to clip a hook on.


Over the two or so years I've had my Westone custom's I've gone through 2 full-size vaults and a mini vault. While they appear to look like a popular military grade case, they do not hold up well - often the hinge or lip clip break with fairly gentle daily use. Ultimately I did go with a popular alternative product that looks very similar and am eager to see how it compares.