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Custom Orders

How to Order Your Custom Westone Audio In-Ear Monitors

Custom In-Ear Monitors can be ordered and purchased directly from your local Westone Audio Dealer/Dispenser and require Ear Impressions provided by a Hearing Health Professional. These are the steps required to complete a Custom IEM order. If you have any questions or issues completing your Custom IEM order, please contact us and a Customer Service representative can offer you personal help and instructions with placing your order.

  1. Design your Custom IEMs: Use the Custom IEM Designer to create your Custom IEM order.
  2. Find a Dealer: Use our FIND-A-DEALER locator to find your preferred local Dealer. Contact the Dealer and schedule an appointment for Ear Impressions for custom Westone Audio In-Ear Monitors.
  3. Visit Dealer: Bring your printed Custom IEM Order Form to your preferred local Dealer appointment. Give your Custom IEM Order Form to the Dealer to include in their shipment of your Ear Impressions to Westone Audio.
  4. Ear Impressions: Your preferred local Dealer is authorized by Westone Audio to take your Ear Impressions and place and ship your Custom IEM order.
  5. Ship to Westone Audio: Your preferred local Dealer will ship your Ear Impressions to Westone Audio, along with your provided Custom IEM Order form.
  6. Order Review: Westone Audio reviews your Ear impressions and Custom IEM Order form and will contact you or the Dealer if there are any questions or issues with your impressions, or order requirements.
  7. Production: Westone Audio begins producing your Custom IEM's. Most orders are completed in approximately 7 to 10 business days.
  8. Order is Shipped: Westone Audio securely packs and ships your order once production is complete.

Thousands of Combinations

The Westone Audio Custom IEM Designer gives you the power to express yourself and create an in-ear monitor that is truly unique. Choose your earpiece body color, faceplate  and then go wild with any of our house art designs, exotics made from real abalone shell, wood grain, laser etching,  and more. All custom earpieces use our exclusive Image Lock technology, encapsulating artwork or shell material in a polymer layer protecting your investment. Choose your colors and faceplate styles from the Custom Color Chart then build your Custom IEM's using our online Custom IEM Designer tool.

With so many combinations, you can build your own custom in-ear monitor that fits your style, your music and your life.

Note: Color samples depict actual product as closely as the web will allow. Some of the electronics may be visible through clear and neon monitors.
Note: Because every ear is different, each custom monitor is unique and may vary slightly.
Note: International copyright laws apply to protected images.