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Bluetooth Cable


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Powered by aptX® technology and tuned by Westone Audio to provide the best listening experience possible, Westone Audio's removable Bluetooth® cable with microphone, allows the user to enjoy the most immersive and articulate wireless earphone experience on the market.



Westone Audio’s full resolution Bluetooth cable provides the most immersive and articulate wireless earphone experience on the market.

Utilizing the most advanced wireless technology available in an extremely small form factor, Westone Audio’s Bluetooth cable provides the absolute best sound and most comfortable fit and the removable cable ensures you never go without your music.

Finely tuned by Westone Audio’s chief audio engineer, you can rest assured that cutting the cable won’t cut the quality of sound you have come to expect from Westone Audio.

Additional Information

Additional Information:

• Bluetooth 4.0 with CSR8645 Chipset
• Up to 8 hours of battery life
• MMCX Audio™ Connectors
• Built in microphone: For clear communication on phone calls and for use with mobile intelligent personal assistants such as Siri, Cortana, and Google Now.
• The only MMCX connector built specifically for music ensuring a reliable connection every time
• IPX4 Sweat and water resistant
• 10 meter range
• Lightweight at under .5oz
• Quick recharge time
• Removable Bluetooth cable with microphone, compatible with many other MMCX earphones
• Multiple wearable positions to fit your style and comfort

In the box:

• MMCX Compatible Bluetooth Cable
• USB Charging Cable

Warranty: 1 year warranty (Warranty Information)


Bluetooth Spec Sheet
Quick Start Guide
Troubleshooting Guide

Review and Rating

Sergey Bolshakov

Guys this is very good idea to create bluetooth cable! But you have to understand that technologies not stand at one point. I really want to buy Westone product because they have good quality but you use very old chip inside the cable and it have very bad signal and protol version (only 4.0) so it always suddenly lost the signal when i just walking with phone inside my pocket in jeans.
I bought some cable from aliexpress which use new version of bluetooth chip and they work perfect, no signal loses even if i stand beside few walls if flat. But chinees manufatureres use low material quality so sound quality is low and materials not good.
I hope Westone create new model of bluetooth cable!


First, Love my in ears top to bottom best $$$ I ever spent on headphones! So far the sound quality through the BT is fine Im not using them for precise monitoring. The BT connectivity is awful. If my phone is in my front pocket and my hand passes in-between the two the signal cuts! I can't be more than 5 feet away from the BT signal source. The wires don't go over your ears well at all and constantly fall off and the wires are way too short. Also having these big boxes right behind your ear is quite inconvenient. Now the little cover for the charging port has broken off, and I'm not rough on this type of stuff. Dear Westone, you obviously make good stuff, please go back to the drawing board with this one!


I bought these and have needed to get them replaced 3 times! The customer service is stellar but this is a poor quality
product. The bluetooth cable just stops working after ~3 months. While the product works well for listening, the microphone is too sensitive and makes them almost unusable for talking on the phone.


This is my second pair of the BT cable, wish they were updated to bluetooth HD


I bought the cable to go with my shure SE535s, and it must be said, Westone have done their job, there is no dip in sound quality, thus far I can honestly say, that my 535s are performing slightly better, wirelessly than they were with the stock shure cable supplied. One might even venture to say that as of now this is probably the best cable of its kind on the market, and I have done some looking around.
However there are some areas that I feel should be considered for the next model:
1- the neck part of the cable should be increased in length, maybe even doubled as the cable overall is a little too tight,
2- the entire cable, both the neck part, and the mmcx parts should be reinforced with Kevlar or something similar to make the cable a little more durable.
3- the form fitting technology that is present on other iem cables from other companies, needs to be a must, as the mmcx wires part of the cable are far too flimsy and have a tendency to keep riding over my ears and just won't stay in place, and the ear guides, just don't hit the right note.
4- the ability to answer calls has to be included.
5- although the mmcx connectors are labeled, I had to look carefully, so it might be worth putting dots red for right and blue for left as extra visual annotation as to which iem goes to which mmcx connector.
All in all a very worthy first effort, that have allowed me to use my IEMs again.

Brian C

Had these to replace some wireless earbuds. I thought it would be perfect to use my W40 as wireless , best of both worlds right? Well to be honest, the sound quality is night and day between wired and wireless. The W40 are so good that the bluetooth really ruins the whole experience - the bluetooth dongle is lacking punch in the bass department, the transparency is not there. It sounds like cheap earbuds. If you turn the bass up artifically they distort.
During a run, the connection was not the best cutting in and out, the battery life is also not as advertised , i got around 2-3 hrs before hearing the low battery beep, with the 2 big earings of a bettery pack on either side this is not acceptable. Had these for a few weeks to see if i can get use to it but no, the songs i usually listen (various) were not what they sounded like on wired W40.

If you sit in the office and use these they are fine, but don't expect superior sound quality even like me you have APT-X etc.

There are asian bluetooth modules with MCCX connectors which sound far better - punch bass, with same mid and high end. So hope the technicians retune the sound profiles with a wider range of earbuds.


This bluetooth cable has freed my 425s from the tyranny of cables. The moment I bought it there was simply no other choice and even now there are only cheap knockoffs available.

The sound quality is good but not perfect, and the battery is an honest 6 hours of continuous listening. The mic is acceptable. The quality of both of these features may be different for android users as there is aptx.

I am having some signal issues after about six weeks but up to this point have had no connection issues. I dont know if this is typical.

Overall, this is a good product, and since its the only mmcx connector bluetooth solution from a reputable supplier its a great product. I have been happy even with some quibbles.


I received my bluetooth cable yesterday, attached it to my W60's and am VERY impressed. I was concerned about the "blocks" on each cable, but find they do not get in the way and, if anything, weigh down the cable so it doesn't bounce during exercise. The sound is clear and setup was very simple. The best feature, however, is the connectivity. I have had several Bluetooth headphones that cut out when in open spaces. I have had no issues with the westone connection. Well done!

Chris L.

I purchased the Westone BT cable to go with my Shure SE535LTDs. At first listen I must say I am impressed. I compared 4 types of music to my Shures on BT vs wired. A Capella (Pentatonix's professionally produced album), Classical (Holst's The Planets), R&B (Jason Derulo, various playlists), and Rock (Daughtry). For the A Capella each of the 5 voices were clearly translated, and the low bass was particularly surprising what came through.Indistinguishable from the wired sound. Same for the Classical, A+ sound, clear flutes, strings, etc. The R&B was one of the rare differences. To me it felt as though the low bass weren't quite as punchy. If wired was a '10', BT was a '9'. As far as the Rock tracks, they seemed identical to the wired.
As far as BT transmission I noticed a few times the signal skipped for half a second. To be fair my house has super high gain WiFi antennas and other wireless connected home devices. This may be mucking up the airspace (I'll test further in other locations to be sure) For the skipping reason I would hesitate recommending the BT cable for concert IEMs. Test before relying on it.
And finally as far as design they feel very solid but I do wish they put bendable wire in the cable to hold them behind the ear. Verdict 4.5 out of 5 stars.