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Monitor Saver


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Westone Audio Monitor Saver System - Removes Moisture and Protects Earphone & In-Ear Monitors



The Westone Audio Monitor Saver protects and removes harmful moisture from earphones and in-ear monitors, extending their life for years. Moisture can damage the sensitive electronics and technology in your Westone Audio Earphones, but this Monitor Saver and Desiccant Pod removes that moisture to protect your investment.

Over twenty years ago, Westone Audio changed the way music is performed with the introduction of the world’s first universal-fit balanced-armature in-ear musicians’ monitors. Every accessory we manufacturer meets the highest standards in the industry and is designed to improve your listening experience.

Additional Information

  • REMOVES HARMFUL MOISTURE: Preventing moisture from building up on your new IEMs is essential for their longevity. The moisture-absorbing crystals dry out your IEMs so that you don't have to worry about long term damage to them.
  • RECHARGABLE DESICCANT POD: Desiccant crystals in the included pod can be recharged in the microwave, decreasing the amount of times you need to replace the pod.
  • EXTENDS EARPHONE LIFE: Moisture can damage sensitive electronics, like the technology used in your Westone Audio Earphones. Using this Westone Audio monitor saver is essential to protect the investment of your IEMs.
  • PROTECTS IN-EAR MONITORS: Not only does Westone Audio's monitor saver protect your IEMs from moisture, but it also works great to protect them from accidental impact and it is ideal for traveling
  • INCLUDED WITH PURCHASE: 1 Monitor Saver, 1 Reusable Desiccant Pod and Complete Instructions for use, monitor storage and desiccant pod recharging and replacement.

Review and Rating

Rev Alvaro Hyper-sloth

My wife and I play in a couple of bands together, and she does another act as well. We use the hell out of our in-ears. Hers is a Westone AM Pro 20 Earphones...I am a lame Shure user LOL. I firmly believe the "Monitor Saver" totally lives up to its name. I just revitalize the desiccant pod ( which gets dark when full of I know it's doing its job!) and it's back in the trenches. Plus we both love the canister design. So simple and it just works, kinda like film canisters in high school...

Thanks all and peace!